Author Spotlight: Ritter Ames

I truly love this Bodies of Art series! You must give them a try!

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Bet You Can’t Find Me by Linda Prather

I love Linda Prather’s writing.


I am a huge fan of fantasy and also huge fan of thrillers. This is my second time reading a series that is paranormal thriller.

What I really liked about tbis book was how everything meshes with the psychic world to ours.

I also like how they use a lot of the correct terms for certain metaphysical items. It is great to see this as well as how she takes everything into consideration and uses a lot of tact with the pagan religious rites.

The main character is a psi of extraordinary talents and potential of growth. Catherine is gifted and she has such potential but what can one do when your past begins to catch up with you.

Rosetta is another great character and both friend as well as family to her boss. It is a unique relationship that the two have for each other. She is a strong…

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HER REBEL HEART by Jamie Farrell plus GIVEAWAY

Home Cooked Books

The Officers’ Ex-Wives Club, Book 1.

61PiSn8EcvL._SL300_Available now at

From the Publisher:

This sexy military pilot is about to meet his match in an unpredictable physics professor!

Kaci Boudreaux is every Southern mama’s nightmare, including her own. This former Miss Grits would rather tromp around in boots shooting off potato guns – and her mouth – than dress pretty and play nice with the boys. Especially her chauvinistic fellow professors, her ex-husband, and those military cargo pilots she accidentally started a war with.

Lance Wheeler is every Southern belle’s dream, except his ex-fiancée’s. After being left at the altar, he’d love to take his C-130 and fly far, far away. But since his bird technically belongs to Uncle Sam (as does he), a distraction in the form of a feisty fireball of a physics professor will do while he’s waiting for his next deployment with the Air Force.


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The Forgotten by Linda S Prather #BlogTour

Sarah’s take on THE FIRGOTTEN by Linda S. Prather is fab!


16830806_1423847917634457_2587445153265312924_nBook Description:

Loki Redmond is positive her grandfather’s 100 acre farm in Mississippi will be the perfect place for Jake Savior to heal after the murder of his wife and his banishment from law enforcement before they begin their partnership in Redmond Private Investigations.

But fate has other plans.

The discovery of a month old baby and young girl with no memory of her name, running from a man she calls The Devil, plunges them into danger. Loki’s Native American connection to the spirits makes her a target for the delusions of a madman who is determined to kill her.

Tension continues to rise when a special unit of the FBI enters the case, and Jake is forced to decide what he believes in. Can he change the future seen by Special Agent Brian Wilkes, or is Loki destined to die?

16997782_10155096558601255_5819623939897884709_nMy Thoughts:

This is the first book in a…

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