Bet You Can’t Find Me by Linda Prather

I love Linda Prather’s writing.


I am a huge fan of fantasy and also huge fan of thrillers. This is my second time reading a series that is paranormal thriller.

What I really liked about tbis book was how everything meshes with the psychic world to ours.

I also like how they use a lot of the correct terms for certain metaphysical items. It is great to see this as well as how she takes everything into consideration and uses a lot of tact with the pagan religious rites.

The main character is a psi of extraordinary talents and potential of growth. Catherine is gifted and she has such potential but what can one do when your past begins to catch up with you.

Rosetta is another great character and both friend as well as family to her boss. It is a unique relationship that the two have for each other. She is a strong…

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